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Yoon, Tae Hyun Ph.D, Prof., CEO

E-mail : taeyoon@hanyang.ac.kr

Tel : +82-2-2220-4593 (office @ FTC 820) Tel : +82-2-2220-4594 (Lab @ NSB 623)
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Prof. Tae Hyun Yoon has received his B.S./M.S. degree at KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and worked as a researcher for SK TRI (Taeduk Research Institute) and SAIT(Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology). Then, he moved to Stanford University for his Ph.D / post-doctoral studies and joined to the current position at Hanyang University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) as a faculty member in the departments of Medical and Digital Engineering.(adjunct) as well as Chemistry.

He is currently serving as a director of the Institute of Next Generation Material Design (INGMD) and leading the Center for Next Generation Cytometry (CNGC) and a research community for Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnology (S2NANO). He is a CEO of entrepreneurial lab. of Hanyang University (Yoon Idea Lab.) and serving as a principal investigator of several Korean government funded biomedical and nanosafety projects as well as several EU H2020 consortiums (e.g., ACEnano, NanoSolveIT and SABYDOMA).

Prof. Yoon has a broad area of research interests, mostly driven by his curiosity. Currently, he is mainly focused on the 1) developments and applications of novel analytical techniques for the measurements of biological cells, extracellular vesicles, and nanoparticles, and their interactions, and 2) applications of advanced data analysis techniques for the model developments of clinical diagnostics and toxicity assessment .